On Wednesday February 7th, Paradigm for Parity® co-chair, Ellen Kullman, was on CNBC’s Closing Bell talking about the need to get more women in leadership positions. Click here to watch the interview.

On the business case for diversity, Elllen said: “There is an economic benefit to diversity and gender parity in companies…Diverse teams make better decisions and have better outcomes because they are debating the issue. They are identifying the elephant in the room, not shoving it in the corner. And they are taking better actions.”

On the gender gap, Ellen said: “There are a tremendous number of talented men and women who are graduating from college at a rate equal to men and yet as you climb the company there are less and less women in leadership positions.”

On getting more women on boards, Ellen said: “As you get more women into senior leadership positions, there is a larger number of women who have the skills and have the background do that [sit on boards]. That’s why in order to get more women on boards you really need to increase the number of women in senior leadership positions.”

About the Paradigm for Parity® Movement

The Paradigm for Parity® coalition is composed of CEOs, senior executives, founders, board members and business academics who are committed to achieving a new norm in corporate leadership: one in which women and men have equal power, status, and opportunity. The coalition created the Paradigm for Parity® 5-Point Action Plan for corporations to accelerate the pace of gender equity in senior executive roles. This unique agenda defines bold and specific actions that, taken together and simultaneously implemented as a package, will catalyze change and enable today’s business executives to secure the best leaders of tomorrow. Visit www.paradigm4parity.com or follow us on Twitter using @p4parity to learn more about this exciting initiative.