Yesterday, Ellen Kullman, a co-chair of the Paradigm for Parity® coalition, joined CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl for a conversation around gender inequity in the workplace. The segment also featured three companies of the more than 70 members of the Paradigm for Parity® coalition that have committed to achieve parity in leadership by 2030 – Salesforce, Linkage and NFP.  

Ellen explained that: “What we're saying is they [companies] should have gender parity at senior leadership in the company. That means 50% of your most senior leaders are women.” The Paradigm for Parity® coalition created a 5-point action plan to serve as a roadmap for companies to close the gender gap in leadership.


The first step in the Paradigm for Parity® 5-point action plan is eliminating or minimizing unconscious bias. The piece went on to feature an unconscious bias training session that Linkage provided to NFP. When asked about unconscious bias, Ellen spoke to it being one of the reasons women are held back: “the perception is, do they [women] need longer in a job to prove themselves as opposed to a man? We[at DuPont] were promoting women every 30 to 36 months into the same kind of jobs as we were promoting men every 18 to 24 months. So if you go out ten years, they're being paid vastly differently… Unconscious bias. The assumption that they're not committed. The assumption that they won't be there when you need them.”

When asked about closing the pay gap, Ellen said: “Pay is an outcome of an un-level playing field. Until you level that playing field, you're going to get that same outcome.”

About the Paradigm for Parity® Movement

The Paradigm for Parity® coalition is composed of CEOs, senior executives, founders, board members and business academics who are committed to achieving a new norm in corporate leadership: one in which women and men have equal power, status, and opportunity.

The coalition created the Paradigm for Parity® 5-Point Action Plan for corporations to accelerate the pace of gender equity in senior executive roles. This unique agenda defines bold and specific actions that, taken together and simultaneously implemented as a package, will catalyze change and enable today’s business executives to secure the best leaders of tomorrow. Visit or follow us on Twitter using @p4parity to learn more about this exciting initiative.