The 5-Point Roadmap

The Paradigm for Parity® 5-Step Action Plan is designed to help companies accelerate the pace of achieving gender parity. Based on extensive research and best practices, this is the first set of specific actions that, when concurrently implemented, will catalyze change and enable companies to more effectively increase the number of women in leadership positions.


Minimize or Eliminate Unconscious Bias. Initiate unconscious bias training. Engage women and men at all levels, starting with the CEO and senior leadership. Ensure that your company leaders comprehend, own and address the conscious and unconscious biases that prevent women from succeeding.


Significantly Increase the Number of Women in Senior Operating Roles. Make full gender parity (50/50) your ultimate goal. As a near term goal, target that a single gender will not account for more than 70% of a leadership level, from the Executive Management Group downward. Move to 60% as a medium term goal. 


Measure Targets at Every Level and Communicate Progress and Results Regularly. Set measurable goals and hold yourself and your senior team accountable. Communicate results to your wider organization and board. Expect meaningful progress each year, with the aim of parity by 2030. Work with investors as they increase the pressure to measure and monitor diversity progress. Share statistics with other CEOs and consider publishing results over time.


Base Career Progress on Business Results and Performance, Not on Presence. Give women and men control over where and how they work, whenever workable. Acknowledge the needs and expectations of Millennials, an important talent pool. Find ways to work more flexibly to meet the needs of all employees. Create cultural change so that working flexibly is embraced, and not an underused and over talked about benefit.


Identify Women of Potential and Give Them Sponsors, as well as Mentors. Meritocracy is an often used, and more importantly misused, belief because our biases affect our view of performance and merit. Women of all backgrounds need career sponsors and access to networks of influence. Men, who are still the majority of leadership, have a critical role to play in advocating for women, both internally and in the wider corporate world. Look for the best within your organization and help them to succeed by assigning each woman a mentor and a sponsor.



To assist companies in meeting the goal of gender parity by 2030, the coalition has developed a toolkit comprised of useful and practical actions a company can take, with a focus on:

1. Better understanding the baseline;

2. Improving intake; and,

3. Managing with a diversity mindset.



committed companies


The following CEOs from major United States companies have committed to advance The Paradigm for Parity® 5-Step Action Plan within their own companies. 



"Paradigm for Parity® has an audacious mission: to achieve gender parity in corporate leadership positions by 2030. MetricStream stands with Paradigm for Parity® in our pledge to support gender parity, and we are taking steps to achieve our inclusivity and diversity goals across our headquarters in Palo Alto, operations center in Bangalore, as well as sales and operations support offices in 12 other cities globally."    – Shellye Archambeau, CEO, MetricStream

"The economic and business case for women achieving parity in the workplace and in society is clear. We also know that gender inequality is a multi-faceted, entrenched issue and that there is no silver bullet solution. What is critical is for organisations to prioritise the issue and actively experiment with solutions – so that we can learn and scale what works as rapidly as possible.”
– Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company

“Burson-Marsteller has long been an advocate for gender parity and women’s empowerment. In 2016, we introduced a new offering, Burson-Marsteller Advantage Women, focused on helping clients take full advantage of the benefits associated with closing the gender gap and creating more opportunities for women to rise as leaders. We are pleased to continue working toward addressing the gender imbalance prevalent in corporate leadership positions through our partnership with the Paradigm for Parity Movement.”
Don Baer, Worldwide Chair & CEO, Burson-Marsteller 

"We all know the powerful impact that great leadership teams can have. With a conscious commitment and concrete action, we can make meaningful progress in increasing the representation of women in leadership—and more fully leverage our diverse strengths.”
Kevin Connelly, CEO, Spencer Stuart

“As a member of the Paradigm for Parity® coalition and a CEO who has pledged to advance its roadmap, I appreciate the implications of implementation for CEOs, both male and female. Paradigm for Parity® addresses the gender gap by defining simple, actionable steps that will create change. By taking these steps, we will advance the leadership and the success of our businesses.” 
– Ann Drake, CEO, DSC Logistics

“Diversity in leadership and on boards of directors makes a company function better and succeed. Women and men have different perspectives that together lead to better plans and execution. We aim to achieve gender parity at HealthHelp through setting up formal mentoring programs for women and providing continuing education programs for emerging women leaders within the company.”
– Cherrill Farnsworth, CEO, HealthHelp

"Signing the Paradigm for Parity® pledge expands on Monsanto’s efforts to not only promote inclusion and diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers, but also within our company’s leadership. While we’re proud to join this growing coalition of companies committed to gender parity in leadership, we recognize there is still much to be done. Through face-to-face and virtual workshops, we’ll continue training employees on how to overcome unconscious bias, and by leaning on our professional networks and mentorship programs dedicated to supporting women scientists, engineers and rising corporate leaders, we’ll significantly increase the number of women in senior operating roles." 
– Hugh Grant, Chairman & CEO, Monsanto

"Gender parity is critical for companies’ continued success and growth. Including more women, especially in senior leadership roles, adds diversity of opinion and leads to better decision-making and stronger financial performance. Bloomberg continues to focus on gender parity through our leadership of the U.S. 30% Club, the launch of a gender-equality index and other company and industry initiatives. We are proud to sign the Paradigm for Parity® pledge and look forward to our work with the organization." 
– Peter Grauer, Chairman, Bloomberg

“Gender-balanced leadership is a priority for Willis Towers Watson. Not only do companies with inclusive leadership have higher financial returns, it’s the right thing to do, and it reflects an ongoing commitment to our core values. For Willis Towers Watson to achieve our goals, we have to draw from and engage a talent pool that includes everyone, not just half the population.” 
– John Haley, CEO, Willis Towers Watson

"UTC is counting on our ability to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce to fuel the innovation and growth of the future. UTC is committed to the advancement of women in leadership positions—and we are proud to join the Paradigm for Parity coalition to put this commitment into action." 
– Greg Hayes, Chairman & CEO, United Technologies Corp

“We support this initiative not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because we know we can’t reach our full potential as a business unless we recruit, hire, develop and retain women leaders as part of a diverse leadership team that represents the markets we serve.  While we’ve made good progress in recent years, we are committed to pressing toward parity and believe the learning we gain through this network will help us scale our work even faster.” 
– Muhtar Kent, Chairman & CEO, The Coca-Cola Company

"Ingersoll Rand is a long-time advocate of creating and fostering gender equality throughout our organization and we are proactively implementing programs to accelerate the pace of increasing representation of women in our leadership roles. The Paradigm for Parity® coalition furthers our commitment to gender equality and signals to the business community that gender-balanced leadership teams bolster employee engagement and are smart for business." 
– Michael W. Lamach, Chairman & CEO of Ingersoll Rand

“One of our Core Values is to ‘Celebrate the Power of Individual Differences’,” says TDIndustries’ CEO Harold MacDowell. “By being a part of the Paradigm for Parity® movement, we hope to encourage others in the construction industry to create a culture of diversity and understanding with numerous opportunities to build long, successful careers.” 
– Harold MacDowell, CEO, TDIndustries

“Cargill is proud to be among the first to sign on to the Paradigm for Parity®. We believe inclusive teams deliver value, and we are committed to doing the important work to make gender parity a reality.  Whether it’s diversifying the board room or providing opportunities for women working on the frontlines of food, agriculture and nutrition, we are taking action to build a company where employees thrive.” 
 Dave MacLennan, Chairman & CEO of Cargill

“At Voya, we believe that diversity and inclusion is a competitive advantage and an enabler of business success. We are proud to partner with a movement that aligns with our company culture—and we look forward to continuing to advance gender balance in corporate leadership positions.” 
– Rodney O. Martin, Jr., Chairman & CEO of Voya Financial

“We invest in women at all levels of our company because it is the only way to ensure we have the most talented teams we need to work with our clients and to operate in the communities we serve. We have strong representation of women, including more than 50% of our employees, nearly 40% of our management team, and nearly 30% for our board of directors. We share the objectives of Paradigm for Parity® and will continue to build on the progress we’ve made.”
– Brian Moynihan, CEO, Bank of America

“Inclusion and diversity are essential for success and relevance in today’s world, and I am driven by the belief that diversity makes organizations stronger, smarter and more innovative. As part of Paradigm for Parity® coalition, we are proud to work with other leading companies to achieve gender parity in business.” 
 Pierre Nanterme, Chairman & CEO, Accenture

“Edison International is pleased to support the Paradigm for Parity® coalition efforts to strengthen gender balance in senior corporate leadership positions. I am proud to join CEOs across major industries in this commitment to advancing gender equity and expanding the numbers of women in leadership.” 
– Pedro Pizarro, President & CEO of Edison International

“A culture built on inclusiveness is essential to a high-performance organization. At NeoGenomics, we are committed to expand leadership opportunities for women as a way to help us cultivate the dynamic and healthy organization we need to perform at the highest levels for our clients and all stakeholders.”
Doug VanOort, CEO, NeoGenomics Laboratories

“Paradigm for Parity® is a call to action for enabling a mindset shift that will drive towards more diverse and inclusive executive leadership at the top of organizations in the US, and around the world.”
– Rajeev Vasudeva, CEO, Egon Zehnder

"Empowering women is a smart thing for business. Profitability, ROI, innovation—all increase when women are part of an organization’s senior leadership. Building a pipeline of female talent—within EY and in business at large—is an economic imperative. We can’t grow our businesses, jobs and the global economy if we leave 50 percent of the workforce behind. We are proud to support the Paradigm for Parity® coalition to advance this agenda." 
– Mark Weinberger, Global Chairman & CEO, EY